About Us


As Maxi Home, we create projects and services for homes, hotels, hospitals, spa, cruise, yacht, planes and cars since 1997, both domestically and internationally.

With our professional and work experience dating back to older than our corporate restructuring, we proudly contributed many exclusive places’ aesthetics with our personalized designs including futniture to curtains, towels and accessories.

Besides the independent projects we accept, we also take place in some projects that we are needed in as solution partners as a part of a large team, both domestically and internationally.

We use Turkey’s and the world’s exclusive collections in our products, combining art with fabric, and apply them to residences as curtains, accessories and furnishings, and web ring together function with harmony and aesthetics.

At the same time as Maxi Home we are the distributors in Turkey of a kind of fabric which is a product of high technology, called “decorative smart fabrics”.

Drapilux; black out and dim out fabrics, non-flammable fabrics, germ-free fabrics, air cleaning fabrics, fabrics that reduce noise pollution.

Markilux; high technology, yacht and cruise fabrics.

Swela; water repellent and colorfast outdoor residences fabrics.